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About Us


Our Vision

Our journey is started to build and develop the skills of a person who is enthusiastic, curious and passionate about invention as well as improving the quality and efficiency of the existing inventions. Our purpose is to serve you all with the best quality and effective learning with complete hands-on experience with both documentation as well as Video session Learning.

Our Story

Before we started our journey with “Innovate Yourself”, we were facing low-quality type technical learning and also most of the content that we found on the internet related to the hardware or the embedded programming was not accurate and up to the mark to provide us with output as shown on the foundation website. We also noticed that this was not the problem that we only were facing as this is a common and serious issue that needs to be taken care off and also this was the reason why most of the people feel offended and they’re moral got down, as a result, many of them decides to give up.

I’m an Electronics & Communication Engineer who is very keen of learning technical skills decided to continue my research work in this field to provide the best quality learning and skills to the newbie as well as the professionals. So, we decided to take an initiate, as a result, we are here as “Innovate Yourself” to serve you the qualitative as well as quantitative Learning to allow you to Innovate Yourself.

Meet the Team

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Ashish Saini

Founder & CEO

Research Engineer as well a Professional Trainer for Internet of Things and Machine Learning .